Background information
Creator Stormlash
Theme Song(s)
Elemental Attribute Stone
Main Attribute Kindness
Theme Animal
Theme Color Gray
Character information
Age 13
Gender Male
Occupation Being with his friends
Goal Learning to fly
Residence With his friends
Relatives None known
Allies His friends
Enemies People who hurt his friends
Likes His friends
Dislikes Confined spaces
Powers and abilities Claws, thick tail
Weapons Claws, thick tail
Quote "I am different than I was when I hatched..."
 Void is a GeodeWing and one of Stormlash's OCs. He was adopted from


Void actually started life as a CaveWing, and appeared to look like one of them. He has hard, one inch thick grey scales and gold eyes like his sister, Amethyst, and large sapphire head crystals. He has many scars, from when he was younger.


Void is rather kind to those around him, and very protective as well. Sometimes he accidentally insulted those around him, but he honestly means well.

When he was a CaveWing, he was nothing like he is today. Crazy, destructive, and brutal, he was able to rip up almost anything in his path. He was contained by the GeodeWings in a tight cave, where they would release the prisoners in. Silver got trapped there at one point, leading to all of the dragon's hiding in there to escape.


Void hatched with the effects of a CaveWing. He attempted to kill Amethyst in her egg, but ultimately failed when other GeodeWings found out. They threw him out of the tribe, where he grew and began to rampage. Many small villages around him were destroyed in a matter of hours when he threw tantrums. Finally, when he had closed in on the GeodeWing Temple, he was captured and restrained. Void was put in a cave a whiles away from the main caverns, where there was few dragons. He was given dragons that were found in the caves so he wouldn't attack the Geodewings anymore. When he finally escaped the caves, pursuing a group of dragons, The Seven Geodes focused their power on him and transformed him to what he really was; A GeodeWing. He decided to explore with Black Sky, and journeyed by foot to the FlameWing peninsula, since he had never flown before. They encountered Ventus, EldinIgnis Aternus, and Elkyno once they reached there.

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