Wisps and Spirals

aka wisps, dan, or really anything

  • I live in a tiny apartment
  • I was born on October 18
  • My occupation is feeding people, drawing on people, and poking holes in people
  • I am considerably cooler than your average cucumber.
  • Wisps and Spirals

    This species is CLOSED. Please ask permission from Wisps and Spirals before making a character of this race.

    These creatures are quadrupedal reptiles belonging to the kingdom dinosauria. They are large (roughly 4-5 meters tall) and heavily set beasts, with short front legs, and very long rear legs. They have large chests and are usually heavily muscled. Their tails are long and thin, yet very stiff and inflexible. Their necks are long and thick, and their heads are triangular with large chins and long ears. The horns on the back of their heads are long and thick depending on age (the older the dragon, the longer and thicker the horns will be). They tend to curve outwards and then back inwards, forming almost a pocket over the shoulder bladeā€¦

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