I've realized that there is a lot of depression without help around. Well. I hate this. We've all been through a lot. We all need help. Can't we help each other, and solve this?

Now, I know we're no psychologists, but depending on how long we've been depressed, or had some problems, we know the answers. Me? Abused, neglected, isolated, depressed....All these have been in my life as long as I can remember, or at least three years, which is, well, long. I've only got a few things that help, and that's what this blog is about. Help.

Three things. Maybe they'll help as well.

Support- I know that I support my mother's survival. She has leukemia (or blood cancer). I knew if I decided to end it, she would die. Of grief. Don't cut. Don't commit suicide.

Life- I know that the tables might turn someday. I've already been standing up for myself. Who says I won't be a millionaire? Not if I commit suicide. Don't resort to violence. Who says the end is better? It may not be.

Sayings- This too shall pass. One of the only things that keep me going through the day. The fact that is will soon be over. I just want it to be gone. When I'm eighteen, I'll kick my dad out.

I hope these will help. I truly do.

This too shall pass.


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