19 female Neko lives in Pennysalvania [has long wavy night sky bluish black hair that stops at her back,dark purple eyes,skinny,tan,lushes curved hips an thighs,5ft10, nice round ass,huge tits(cup size double K), she's wearing a black leather top that only covers her chest,tight black leather skinny jeans,2 demonic blood ruby katanas on her back with black diamond handles] ( ) I'm not a killer who kills neko's I'm actully one myself. I kill humans who make fun,harm,abuse, or make fun of me for who an what I am 😞 If u want to be friends with me.... Even tho I'm not beautiful.... I'm an outcast emo..... Thxs for reading an keep me updated with Commenting Leaving your own asl An just be you 😺

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