Phoniex the Neko killer

aka Phoniex the golden heart(irl:melody)

  • I live in Florida
  • I was born on February 6
  • I am Female
  • Phoniex the Neko killer

    19 female Neko lives in Pennysalvania [has long wavy night sky bluish black hair that stops at her back,dark purple eyes,skinny,tan,lushes curved hips an thighs,5ft10, nice round ass,huge tits(cup size double K), she's wearing a black leather top that only covers her chest,tight black leather skinny jeans,2 demonic blood ruby katanas on her back with black diamond handles] ( ) I'm not a killer who kills neko's I'm actully one myself. I kill humans who make fun,harm,abuse, or make fun of me for who an what I am 😞 If u want to be friends with me.... Even tho I'm not beautiful.... I'm an outcast emo..... Thxs for reading an keep me updated with Commenting Leaving your ow…

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