• Luster the rainwing


    September 24, 2014 by Luster the rainwing

    Um...yeah. Making a ya go...

    These creatures range quite freely in appearance, but common features show them as wingless, lean, draconic 'mammals'. They have long thin legs for running and agility with small claws. They are usually small: the size of a Great Dane as the average. They have short fat tails, though some have longer or no tail at all.

    They have a ruff of stiff hairlike spines along the back of the neck and on the rump and tail if the individual has a tail.

    The most signature feature if these creatures, however is their head. They have three jaws of equal size and equal strength, all relatively symmetrical except for markings. They have no eyes, but rather large 'crystals' on each of the three foreheads. It is unkno…

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