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  • I was born on February 16
  • I am angry
  • ForsakenFeather



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  • ForsakenFeather

    Wut le titles says

    Only ferals, cause I can't draw anthros. xP

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  • ForsakenFeather


    Disclaimer: Silent Hill does not belong to me :3

    Here it is~♪

    A small looking dragon was floating around the woods. Her blue eyes flickering around. She was looking for a certain abandoned town, the town had reported to have strange monsters and missing people. 

    Flareon floated up to the tops of the trees, scanning the area ahead. A seemingly large cloud of fog was up ahead. "Is that it?" Flareon asked herself aloud, and foated toward it. Ecitment washing over her body. "Oh it must be it!" She said excitedly, floating faster toward the cloud of fog.

    A road opened up nearby, and Flareon landed on it. Looking around, her tail twitching excitedly. She ran up the road, not scared at all of the things she'd heard about the place. Flareon s…

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