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At the age four, she became one of the top ten venom spitters in the entire Southern RainWing Kingdom. Her spit is so accurate, it was even rumored that she once killed a SkyWing, that was both flying at a couple hundred feet above the treetops and at top speed, from the ground and in pitch black darkness. When she turned seven, her parents forced her to live with another RainWing, named Hercules, who was also another top venom spitter, but not in the same league as she was. Their hopes was that she would help produce the best venom spitter in all three kingdoms.

Living with Hercules was the worst idea that Sprinkles thought her parents could come up with. He was annoying, big-mouthed, sassy, and smelled like fish, for some odd reason.

For a while, nothing happened. Then, at the age of twenty-eight, they had a clutch of eggs. Shortly, after they were laid, Queen Magnificent ordered Sprinkles to go to Ferocious to buy some SandWing poison antidote. An order that changed her life.


Sprinkles is like Ferocious: normal-looking, yet odd-acting. Sprinkles is not lazy, but rather active. She has a bright, cheerful, and positive attitude and was taught by Ferocious to approach new things with curiosity. Also like Ferocious, she is neutral in almost every situation.

She loves Ferocious very much. She can be hyper and crazy sometimes, when she ate a bit too much of deer, and, often times, annoying (not to Ferocious, though; he would just say that she was being normal). She also loves to have fun and research.

Nearly wherever Ferocious goes, Sprinkles does too.


Appears in the SkyWing Tales: Ferocious series .


Sister- Sparkle



  Mate- Hercules (deceased)

Husband- Ferocious

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I love feedback of how I am doing. The reason why is because I love to be able to improve upon my skills of being a  writer. So, if you see anything that I can improve upon, please tell me below in the comment section. Thank you.

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