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Silk, art not by me

Apperance Edit

Silk is a large gray she-wolf, and is larger than most wolves. She has a scar though one eye, but can see through both of them. She has thick, grey fur and long teeth and claws. She is almost always hiding, but will come out if she believes she can trust you. She is not an anthro, so she looks like a normal wolf. She has bright paw pads and piercing yellow eyes. She also has a large, fluffy tail.

Personality Edit

Silk is a fierce wolf that will defend anyone she cares about, even if it means arguing with them until she loses her patience. She is very short-tempered, and s easily offended. She will snap at others, but she truly cares, and loves whoever shows they will stick by her side. She will fight to the death to protect anyone she believes she will trust, and almost never forgives anyone who betrays her or runs away and leaves her behind.

History Edit

She was always cheerful and trusting, and she thought there was no evil and anger in the world until a fire killed her family. She still was cheerful and trusting, but she was betrayed, and since then she is always hiding. She has developed a hard armour of anger, since she feels like whoever she ever knew betrayed her. She hates running away and backing down, and has obvious pride but less self-confidence. She is not very trusting, until she has known you for a long time. She learned that long ago, and she hates the fact that she was too trusting. She calls it weak and now knows better.

Amazon Silk Edit

Silk has been trained by Amazons when she was young, and now has a spear and warpaint from Amazons. She can bring out this personality at will, and never loses a battle when this happens. She brings it out when she is angry, trying to be intimidating, or needs to get a point across. She sometimes can't control it, and it comes out when she's angry. When she's angry end becomes an Amazon, the person she's angry at with most likely be pinned by a spear to the wall by the end of the day.

She also has 585 clones of herself, only these are permanent Amazons and are her Amazon tribe. She can summon these at will.

Gallery Edit


Her Amazon clone self :3