Sif, Canine Comrade of Artorias the Abyss Walker, brought down by the chosen undead...This is a different fluctuation of different from the ones before..


Sif is protective, dominant, and fierce, but quite soft around those he trusts. He has a strong will, and a determined state of mind, Being loyal to all friends, and viscious and unrelenting to foes. He is a valiant fighter, and always has a weapon on to make him feel safe. He's rather primal and instinctive, not thinking further than hit it really hard, or some such.


Sif is large and menacing, having shaded Grey fur that sometimes glistens in light. Over time, the fur has grown less slick and smooth and more...rugged. He tends to look angry for no reason at times, a smile a rare sight on his snout. He is strong and stout, very difficult to topple and walks (and talks) With pride.

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