Sezi is Luster's OC. Please ask before using her.

Background information
Creator Luster
Theme Song(s) Cool kids - Echosmith

Angels on the Moon - Thriving Ivory

Elemental Attribute
Main Attribute Depression, love
Theme Animal
Theme Color Orange
Character information
Age 18-19
Gender Female
Occupation None, student
Species Monitor lizard
Goal To be happy (3,8)
Relatives Unnamed parents
Allies Traho, Eight
Enemies everyone else
Powers and abilities
Quote "Death doesn't heal."

It's quite obvious who this is.


Sezi, as an Ameiva, has a green skull with intricate white and black scale patterns. This green fades halfway down her neck to a drab grey-brown. Her tail starts faintly striped at the base and becomes more prominent as it nears the tip.

She usually wears baggy graphic tee shirts with titles of popular bands she doesn't listen to on them. She usually wears jeans, baggy and light colored. Sezi has a thick silver bracelet on her right arm.

She is the skinniest lizard possible, quite frankly. Her arms were the sane width as her wrists and her legs were nearly as thin. She was incredibly weak physically. On the inside of her arm, she carved Lost into the scales.

Her eyes are a bright, clear blue and always seem to have a tortured look to them.


She dislikes company and hates being pitied. She puts up a false aura of happiness to keep away pity. She doesn't talk much and eats even less. She is quite depressing to be around.

But once you get to know her, you see not only her depressing, tortured past, but her strong heart and powerful soul.