Sangria belongs to Storm. Please do not use her without my permission.

Background information
Creator Stormlash
Theme Song(s)
Elemental Attribute Blood
Main Attribute Happiness
Theme Animal Leech
Theme Color Red
Character information
Age 3
Gender Female
Occupation Unknown
Goal Unknown
Residence Unknown
Relatives Dead
Allies Herself
Enemies None
Likes Reading, eating dragonets
Dislikes Being alone
Powers and abilities Basic SkyWing
Weapons Basic SkyWing
Quote "Hello there..."


Sangria is a three year-old female SkyWing. She has blood red scales, light red underscales, black eyes, and dirty gray horns.


She is normally happy and quiet, keeping to herself, and generally staying out of other dragons business. There is a darker, rare side to her. She sometimes kidnaps other dragonets, vivisects them, and eats them as they bleed out. It is unknown why she is like this.



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