This page will cover the general guidelines of the Wiki. It was created by Aiden1200, and it is the responsibility of the admins to update and maintain this page. If any users feel that there should be an added rule or revision, please ask one of the admins to discuss it with the rest of us.

Disciplinary ProcedureEdit

This wikia follows a zero tolerance procedure, and it is the responsibility of all admins to make sure that it is followed appropriately. Zero tolerance means that without extraordinary exception, this procedure must be followed disregarding the admin's own personal opinions about the matter. This procedure is here to make sure that the wiki has unbiased order.

1) If there is a member of the wiki who is breaking a rule, they are to receive a warning which shall be logged here for admin reference.

2) If that user breaks the rule again, then they will be banned for 24 hours.

3) If the user returns and breaks the rule again, then they will be banned for 3 days.

4) If the user again breaks the rule, then they will be banned for one week.

5) The repeat offender will be discussed by the admins, and they may be permanently banned as a result.

Special instances: In special cases regarding to serious and purposeful violations of the guidelines, an admin may immediately take action to ban a troublesome user.


Due to the fact that there are many users under the age of 18, and Wikia prioritizes a child-friendly-environment, no adult content will be allowed on this website, even in the public chatrooms. It is the responsibility of Chat Moderators to make sure the that everyone behaves appropriately in the public chat, and anyone who does not can be banned from chat at the Moderator's reasonable disdression.

  • Purposeful hateful or threatening behavior will result in your IP address being immediately banned from our site.
  • Purposeful vandalism, will result in your IP address being immediately banned from our site.
  • Do not harass other users.
  • Watch your language around younger users. Severe disrespect or frequent and unnecessary swearing is not something that any of us want to deal with.
  • Do not steal any other person's ideas. Fursona's, OC's, art, stories, and idea all belong to their original creators. Do not use their ideas without permission or given credit (permissions is preferred, but not necessary in some instances).
  • Do not disrespect anyone else! This is the biggest thing to remember, and if you follow this, then there will not be any problems.
  • Badge farming.

What to AvoidEdit

  • Causing drama. Avoid this like the plague. Drama only makes things less fun for everyone.
  • IRL relationships. It is highly recommended that you do not "date" another user via the internet. What you do is your own business, but it will only cause drama and make things uncomfortable for everyone.
  • Mary Sues. Seriously. Make your characters original.
  • Arguing. If you don't like someone, ignore them. It's your fault if you allow yourself to get ticked off and banned as a result of not being able to control yourself.
  • Appearing in an RP at an inappropriate place or time. Seriously, if your character has no reason to be there, do not make things confusing by having them spontaneously appear.
  • DO NOT ASK FOR ADMINSHIP! We will appoint new admins when we feel it is necessary.
  • Headless zombie dragons and bleeding marshmallows.
  • Getting Starry wet o.O
  • Squirting Aiden with milk.
  • Mentioning squids around Lightning.
  • Dissing my little pony (Lightning will know.)
  • Saying that Storm is bad at WoW. (He will own you.)
  • Don't insult snakes around Shadow... Consequences are terrible.

What to EncourageEdit

  • Fun!!! The biggest thing to remember, is try to have fun! This community is meant for EVERYONE to feel welcome in and enjoy. We are all here trying to make the best of it, so why not do what you can to make this a fun place for everyone?
  • Creativity! Remember, creativity is the way to go. If you want people to acknowledge your characters and be awed by your ideas, make them unique!
  • Integrate yourself with others! If you want to make friends and take part in things, say hi! Don't feel bad about yourself if you or your character isn't getting attention, get out there and make some friends, say things, and take part!
  • Have fun! Wait.... I already said that? Well, repetition is the key! I command thee to have fun!
  • Entertainment! Make things interesting and things start to happen where things become more fun! Don't know how? You will learn as you gain experience!

Have a question? Feel free to ask any of the admins!