Background information
Creator Stormlash
Theme Song(s) Life As We Know It (feat. Odyssey)
Elemental Attribute Death
Main Attribute Merciless
Theme Animal Chameleon
Theme Color Dusty white
Character information
Age 16 years old
Gender Female
Occupation Assassin
Goal Kill her enemies
Residence Sky Kingdom
Relatives Pureblood Minor Nobles
Allies NightWings, SeaWings, Blister SandWings
Enemies IceWings, RainWings, MudWings, SkyWings, anyone who annoys her
Likes Killing, dragons begging her for mercy before she kills them
Dislikes Recklessness, politicians, dragons trying to flirt with her
Powers and abilities Extreme accuracy, emotionless acumen, borderline psychosis
Weapons Poison (preferred weapon), various sharp objects, crossbow, longbow
Quote "Some assassins are pathetic mercenaries. Not me. I only kill dragons I--or my superiors--want dead."


Reticle is a hardened assassin. She is very unemotional, cold, and dangerous. She has been granted virtual unlimited authorization to kill. Anyone not allied to Blister's cause is fair game. While she won't kill indiscriminately, she tends to act ferociously on the slightest insult.

However, she does have a softer side if you get to know her well enough. She will not attack dragonets unless expressly ordered to (which has only happened once; see below). She has a crush on Nyx, but thinks Nyx is far too soft. If the order ever came through, she'd try to escape with Nyx as she was one of the only living dragons that meant anything to her.


Going through the decade-long track of training, she's had virtually all nonprofessional emotion squeezed out of her. Once she was released and stationed in the SkyWing kingdom, she went into the "active standby" mode she'd been trained for. She lived a relatively normal life until the order to terminate the dragonets of destiny was sent in. Since then, she's been after them. The rainforest is too heavily guarded for her to attack, so she's staying nearby under deep cover as a SandWing rebel exiled for disobedience.

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