Pheox is Billie's 23 old sister and twin. Her fur is black, with a white tuft on her forehead. She usually wears exposing dark-colored shirts, with sports pants times. She has smooth horns that curve backwards slightly. Her body is mildly furred. She enjoys painting her horns, and wearing contacts to make her eyes look even stranger. Pheox sometimes wonders if she should get a piercing or not.


Pheox is described as strange by some, not including her family. She loves her siblings a lot, and would die for them. Pheox is bisexual with a preference for females, and tends to be the dominant one in a relationship.


Pheox is the oldest sibling out of Gruff and Billie. Since one day their parents left the house and were brutally murdered, she made it her goal to keep them After that, Pheox tried to shield her siblings from any harm, and learned self-defense/how to use weapons, though she felt Gruff did it better than she did.

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