Pastel is an OC of ShadowTheNightWing.


Pastel's scales are a chalky white, and her eyes are a light green. She's usually seen wearing a paint-splattered apron, but when she's not painting, Pastel wears a grey-purple shirt with torn jeans. When she feels extremely casual, she wears a galaxy t-shirt. Because they don't sell much clothes for anthro dragons where she lives, Pastel usually cuts holes in her shirts for wing-space, resulting in movable wings that couldn't keep her up if she tried to fly. Pastel has short hair, and usually dyes it. For the time being, she keeps her hair red with streaks of purple. Pastel has slightly in-curving horns, which have piercings on them. She has self-painted swirls of black on her otherwise ivory horns.

Background information
Creator It's me!
Theme Song(s)
Elemental Attribute Art
Main Attribute Creativity
Theme Animal Dragon
Theme Color
Character information
Age 16
Gender Female
Occupation Painting, writing, singing
Species Dragon
Powers and abilities
Weapons Well, paint can be toxic at times


When trying to make something creative, Pastel usually likes to be alone. But when she's done for the day, she relaxes and hangs out with friends. Pastel has mild depression, and gets mood swings. Her art is usually made to match her mood, which is her greatest 'inspiration'.

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