Nyx is property of Stormlash. If you use her without my permission, I will ban you.

Background information
Creator Stormlash
Theme Song(s)
Elemental Attribute Death
Main Attribute Strength
Theme Animal
Theme Color Gray
Character information
Age 11
Gender Female
Occupation None yet
Goal None yet
Residence Her cave
Relatives Dead
Allies Other DeathWings, Erebus
Enemies IceWings
Likes Erebus
Dislikes Being yelled at
Powers and abilities Claws, fire breath, teeth
Weapons Claws, fire breath, teeth
Quote "I am Nyx, herald of the night."

Art done by Lightning The ShockWing.


Nyx is an DeathWing assassin, but she wants to save lives of her kind, not end them. Her job as an assassin is to track down and kill traitor DeathWings. On one of her missions she came across her target, he was gravely wounded. The target turned out to be Erebus, the dragon who was actually nice to her. She saved his life and now lives with him.


She is cocky and rude to most dragons, even her superiors. The one dragon that she is nice to is Erebus. She has random, dangerous mood swings that can cause her to kill any non DeathWings or be very sweet. It depends on the mood she was in when her mood swung.


She is a black dragoness with dark gray underscales, black straight horns, and gray wing membranes.

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