Solar's first OC.

Night is a female feral dragon.


Night has dark black scaley skin, with slight stripes of golden skin. She has big wings with starry scales underneath, spread out in constellations.  

She has a long, thin neck. She is thin and lean, and her tail is small and short. Her legs are extremely long, and her talons are short. Her snout is long, but blunted. She has a ton of curved horns on the top, back, and neck of her head. Her horns are dark gray and black. On her tail tip, she has a tuft of hair, which is golden.

She doesn't wear clothes unless it is for a formal occasion. She only wears a golden necklace and a special golden headdress. 


She can be cold and indifferent at times, but once you get to know her, she can be very friendly and nice. She likes the color gold. Like, a lot. She is obsessed with everything shiny, and collects them. 

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