This is Ruler of Awesumness' new fursona. No. Touch. His name is pronounced KOO-chang. He is loosely based off of a combination of me and Arno Dorian from Assassin's Creed: Unity. When he speaks, his voice has a noticeable accent, sort of a combination of British and Pennsylvania Dutch.

Appearance Edit

Kucang is an anthromorphic bobcat-angel hybrid. He has dark gray fur with white streaks and large, light gray catlike ears. His eyes are light blue eyes. He has a white chest and belly. He also has white wings with gray at the bottom of the feathers. He has a long whiplike tail with a tuft of fur at the end. He does wear clothes. He often has a loose, unbuttoned leather shirt on with a knee-length pair of slightly tattered leather pants. However, when on a contract or a Brotherhood assignment, he wears leather hooded robes and pants with a cloth tunic underneath along with his wariouseapons on his belt and bracers (Psuch as pistols, hidden blades, sleep and berserk darts, etc. (Pretty much the average Assassin's gear from the AC franchise)

Personality Edit

Kucang is not your average joe. He is usually kind and humorous, but if you piss him off, you're in trouble. He is smart, but also quite athletic. He isn't very fond of relationships, but when he is in one he is dominant. He is a lone wolf. He is a powerful assassin similar to the ones in the Assassin's Creed franchise, but rarely does contracts for the money. He appreciates the pay some of his personal contracts give him, but he often just does it to protect the people. He is slightly asexual but is mostly pansexual with a preference to females.

Powers Edit

As an assassin, he has the ability to see his victim's history and memories after killing them, as well as having heightened senses.

History Edit

Kucang was born to a bobcat mother and an angel hybrid 26 years ago as Lynxagas. Young Lynxagas was smart, excelled in several classes, and was loved by many of his classmates.

Until his parents were killed.

One afternoon, he came home to find his parents on the floor, dead, blood streaming from their throats. He screamed and ran away. He was only 11.

From then on, he lived on the streets. He went by no name and only accepted help when he absolutely needed it. At the age of 13, he met a middle-aged eagle-wolf hybrid, who took him in.

He learned that his savior was an assassin named Bellec, and that his parents were assassins. Bellec trained him for the next 5 years until he was able to become a full assassin. Now, he works for the Assassin Brotherhood and searches for whoever killed his parents.

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