Hutch the Fox/Wolf is a anthromorphic Mixture of a fox and a wolf and is the main oc of Manglytyg


Hutch was born in the year 1234 in the wolfdane forest. His mother died in childbirth. He was discovered by his wolf father when he was fetching water for the local wolf village. Fortunately because of his mostly wolf like appearance the villagers didn't notice he was a fox mixture when his father introduced him to them. He then after being raised by the wolfs returned to the fox Village and became the fox Alpha,

This character is property of Manglytyg pls ask me before you use him.

Background information
Theme Song(s)
Elemental Attribute
Main Attribute
Theme Animal
Theme Color
Character information
Age 19
Occupation Manglytyg
Species Fox
Residence Foxina
Likes Felix. Alfred
Dislikes Saber
Powers and abilities Fire and healing abilities
Weapons Fire Blade

Gallery :

The fox

Hutch standing

Hutch the wolf

This was the second version of Hutch

The Wolf Himself

This was the first version of hutch

Hutch the fox wolf by mangletyg-d8y9upd

Hutch the wolf

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