Gildy refs
Background information
Creator User:Lightningstrike from RapidClan
Theme Song(s) Welcome Home by Radical Face
Elemental Attribute
Main Attribute Electricity, especially digital technology
Theme Animal
Theme Color Turquoise
Character information
Gender Female
Likes Chocolate, friends, drawing, flowers and birds
Dislikes Mean people, liars, work
Powers and abilities
Quote "*screaming*"

 Gilda is a female ferret and the main fursona of Lightningstrike from RapidClan . You are not allowed to use her without my permission.


Gilda eyes

Gilda's magenta eyes and eight point mask.

Gilda has a yellowish tan main coloring where her legs, ears and tail are marked with a pea green. Her legs and tail also have a magenta, but her paws are the same tan as her fur. She has a dark purple eight-pointed mask (three points on each edge, two hidden points between her eyes) and magenta eyes. Her long turquoise hair is often dyed and styled, and she has dyed a dark purple lightning mark on her left hip. She always wears her black biohazard necklace.



Pretty much the same as Lightning herself, Gilda is usually calm and collected unless angered or saddened. She can be very scary when she's mad, with a rage ranging from quiet coldness to screaming ball of fury. She can be quite destructive when angry, and while she's not usually emotional, when she is, she'll either start crying, laughing, or screaming. Gilda has a passionate love for music and art, and loves her friends and family. She will usually do what she feels is right.


  • She loves chocolate. Seriously, go bribe her with some. She'll do anything.

Gallery Edit

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