Eres is my SkyWing OC, please do not take him.

Coding done by Epheme.


Eres is a very dark, muddy-red color, not the usual SkyWing red or copper, and is fairly heavy set. He probably has such dark scales because he is usually wearing heavy, heavy, very heavy, dark green armor. It is especially large around his neck, and that is probably his most protected spot. He wields a lance. 


Eres is actually very bashful, and is very shy when speaking to others. He is very caring and loves his friends, and will protect them to the end. Because of this, he manages to get into many feuds, and because he isn't very strong, despite his appearance, he usually loses. He wishes to get stronger somehow, so he can help protect his friends.

At other times, though, he can be a complete goofball, especially if you give him anything with sugar in it. Seriously, don't do it.


Because his armor is so heavy, it impedes his ability to fly, which is why he only does it occasionally. If he flies with his armor, it causes him great struggle and pain. His armor also impedes his fire, because of the pressure on his wind pipe and neck. His only real weapon is his lance, and Nobody's katana (not mentioned on his page...) and will also sometimes ram into offenders with his body, the armor adding to the force of the attack.

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