Eos is property of Stormlash. If you use him without my permission, I will ban you. Exceptions are Mystic Ice because I adopted Eos from her.


Art done by Mystic Ice

Background information
Creator Stormlash. (Adopted from Mystic Ice)
Theme Song(s)
Elemental Attribute
Main Attribute Flight
Theme Animal
Theme Color Grey
Character information
Age Unknown
Gender Calls himself male
Relatives Scienceborn, no family
Allies Himself, Feather
Powers and abilities Flight, defense

Eos Edit

Eos is a "male" scienceborn dragon, likely some kind of NightWing mutation.  

Appearance Edit

Eos is a Scienceborn, and as a result is very thin and fit. (He was not, however, raised in a lab of any sort. He has memories of being born and growing up with an elderly NightWing, who had been the one to create him by mixing genes from various other dragons.) He has dull stone-grey scales, and his underscales are also one shade lighter than his primary ones. His neck spikes are long and charcoal coloured, and he has four horns on his head instead of two---the back ones longer, front ones shorter. He had hazel eyes. His neck is unusually long, as are his limbs. His tail splits into a double-tail at the end.

His hind claws are dangerously long and sharp, his front ones short and dull.

Eos's most peculiar feature is his massive wings. They are very, very long, but hardly thick at all. (Think of a dove with the wingspan of an albatross, only the wings are as thick as the doves). These are spattered with dull-golden stars.

Personality Edit

Eos is strong and brave, and always a good friend. He can be talkative when a subject he is interested by is mentioned, and hides any negative feelings well. To anyone else, he might seem always happy-go-lucky, bouncing around all the time. But those who know him, know that he's intelligent and wise. He will zone out in the middle of a sentence and talk to himself about quantum physics is most of the conversations he has with other dragons. Most dragons think he is crazy because of that, but it is just how his brain functions.

He sees all as his equal.

He finds an attraction to accompany strange dragons wherever they go, and likes wandering. He is usually gentle, but can be vicious when tempted. He does not snap easily, however.

Abilities Edit

Very good flier, can glide for long distances. Has weak fire, and the usual venomous-saliva that most NightWings have (although he does not like eating carrion). A tough fighter, and very high defences (extra hard scales).

History Edit

He's almost nine, currently. He hardly remembers growing up with an old NightWing, who taught him most things he knows. Then when the old dragon died, Eos was left alone and wanders the country. He has, however, made an "alliance" with The FeatherWing, who he calls Feather. They get along relatively well.

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