Ennadari is Maple's fursona! Feel free to admire her fluffy awesomeness.

Enna Lodi
Lodi sat
Background information
Creator Maple Tree of Souls
Theme Song(s) Everything
Elemental Attribute Surprise
Main Attribute Artist
Theme Animal Deer, fox, cat, bird, raccoon, etc.
Theme Color Orange & light blue
Character information
Age 5840
Gender Female
Occupation Treasure hunting
Species tbd
Goal Sniffing out treasures
Residence Closet
Relatives Aenwrr, Niffeerj, Ructis
Likes A lot of things
Dislikes Stuff
Powers and abilities Intuition
Weapons Sharp claws

Appearance Edit

Ennadari Lodi (Enna) is a female deer/cat/bird/fox/raccoon hybrid creature called an Eekroo. She is small, about the size of a deer. Ennadari has the antlers of a stag, long, doe ears, short whiskers, a fluffy mane of russet fur, a long, cat-like tail with a feathery plume at the tip, raccoon-like hands, and a huge fluffy puff of bright orange feathers on her rump and base of tail. Her fur is made of different browns and russets and beiges. Her eyes are violet-blue.

Personality Edit

  • Shy
  • Witty
  • Sarcastic
  • Sweet
  • Not fond of children
  • Gentle, usually
  • Antisocial
  • Awkward
  • Aro Ace
  • Poeple usually call her Lodi

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