Background information
Creator Luster, owned by Stormlash
Theme Song(s)
Elemental Attribute Strength
Main Attribute Handsomeness
Theme Animal Tiger Shark
Theme Color Black
Character information
Age 22
Gender Male
Occupation Cashier at a small surf shack
Species Shark
Residence small apartment along the coast
Powers and abilities
Quote "Uh, hi."

Eli is Stormlash's OC. Don't use him without permission, please.


Eli is an anthro tiger shark, with emerald green eyes and a pair of glasses on his nose. He has a large primary dorsal fin on the base of his skull, and a smaller secondary fin behind it. He has four gill slits on either side of his neck and small nostrils. His hide is a dark blue-grey on the dorsal side, whereas the ventral side is a paler, near white shade. His spine and limbs are covered in dark stripes.

He has piercings in his fins, tail and dorsal. He has hands rather than pectoral fins, and wears a black bracelet and a black ring on his left hand. He is very muscular and lean.

As a veteran from war, he was returned home after he lost his right ankle in an explosion. It was amputated and now he walks with a crutch, though he can maneuver quite well on his own. He has various scars all over him, with the largest being across his back.

He usually wears casual clothes and prefers to hide his missing foot with long pants, but sometimes it is unavoidable. He is often called extremely handsome.


Eli can be a bit of a flirt, but not overly so. He is rather stoic and doesn't like to talk about his past or his future. He, actually, doesn't talk much at all. He is relatively intelligent and had enough common sense to get him through.

He is usually serious, but can be playful sometimes. He's mostly pretty busy as well, so it may be hard to catch him long enough to talk.

He does have a slight temper, but he stays calm when angry rather than exploding. He rarely gets violent, and only in extreme cases has he ever hurt anyone.

Abilities and TalentsEdit

Eli, as a tiger shark, can swim very well underwater and has both a pair of small lungs to go alongside his gills. He is not very agile, but packs one heck of a punch. He works out often, giving him his muscular physique.

He wasn't great in school, and dropped out of high school senior year. He didn't quite know what do be when he got older, but eventually got a job at a surf shop, despite his immense hatred of surfing.

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