Eekroo are a species created by Maple!

Physical Description Edit


Eekroo are generally the size of a small deer, but range from wolf-sized to moose-sized at their largest. All have antlers, though male's antlers are typically larger. Their heads and snouts are deer-shaped with cat-like noses and eyes. At the tip of each ear is usually a brightly coloured plume feather. Eekroo's necks are coated in thick, fluffy fur, with the male's resembling somewhat of a mane. Eekroo have slender bodies with a short layer of fur. Upon their haunches and rump is a large, poofy explosion of feathers.

Eekroo have slender hands that make them very versatile. It is not uncommon to see braided manes or fancy jewels or flowers woven into their fur and feathers. At the end of a long, slim tail is yet another plume of feathers.

An eekroo's feathers and eyes are almost always contrasting colours. If an eekroo has green eyes, they will have bright red plumage. Blue feathers means amber eyes and purple eyes means yellow feathers. If an eekroo's feathers are earthy or grey tones, their eyes colour is random. Albino and colour-mismatched eekroo are known to exist but are extremely rare.

Fur types Edit

There are three basic types of eekroo fur:

Wavy/curly- This type of fur is commonly coarser than other fur types. Fur is long but appears short because of curls.

Smooth- Smooth fur is silky and sleek against the skin.

Fluffy- The most unruly type of fur. It stands on end, usually, and never cooperates. Fluffy fur is mid-length and very light and poofy. It also sheds easily, but can be styled into a pretty sweet mohawk.

Nature Edit

Eekroo are highly intelligent beings. Similarly to humans, they are not pleased by being refered to as "animals." Eekroo parents educate their young in their ways and in the ways of the world. Knowledge is highly valued. Eekroo are wise beings, and know when to accept defeat. They are not violent; it is simply not in their nature. Eekroo generally have similar personalities to humans and other higher beings.

Society Edit

Naming System Edit

Eekroo have a peculiar naming system. Each individual usually has two names. One, their first name, that only those close to them use. The second name is what most refer to the eekroo as. As an example, Ennadari Lodi is called Enna by her close friends and family, while everyone else refers to her as Lodi.

Names are often random syllables thrown together (Aenwrr Gurtysumogati, for example). Most eekroo are very particular and like names to flow nicely off the tongue.

Lore Edit

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