Stormlash's character. Don't use.

Appearance Edit

Dravalk is an anthromorphic hyena. He stands on two legs, can speak, has sort of dark brown fur with darker spots. He stands and acts almost just like a human, except for the occasional growl. His voice has a slight British-esque accent. He often wears no shirt, wears a knife on his hip and a pair of short, slightly bloodstained shorts.

Personality Edit

Dravalk is a kind soul, but he can get extremely aggressive when angry. In a relationship, he is usually the dominant one. He is also quite smart and semi-strong. He is bisexual with a preference to males. At times he is submissive, but quite rarely. Killing others isn't really something he dreads or enjoys. Its more of a if you piss him on enough, there's a small change you'll be in trouble.

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