Background information
Creator Stormlash
Theme Song(s) Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit
Elemental Attribute Fire
Main Attribute Strength
Theme Animal
Theme Color Lava orange
Character information
Age 14
Gender Male
Occupation Protecting Tundra
Goal To protect Tundra
Residence A cave near The Jade Mountain
Relatives Dead
Allies Tundra, starry
Enemies Anyone who likes the war
Likes Tundra, peace, Starry
Dislikes Any threat to Tundra
Powers and abilities Agility, fire, his sword
Weapons Fire breath, agility, his sword
Quote "I deeply regret what I did but it had to be done..."

Brimstone is a 14 year old FlameWing. Brimstone is property of Stormlash. DO NOT USE HIM WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR I WILL BAN YOU!

He is in the fanfiction To the castle.

Art by Mystic Ice.


Brimstone was the commander in the FlameWing military. Over time he got depressed from the thousands of innocent dragons that have died in the war. When his depression finally reached its limit, he went on a killing spree, killing a noble and the queen's dragonet. He ran away to a hidden cave system near The Jade Mountain.

He has terrible nightmares about the dragonet he murdered to this day. His depression can get so bad, he has considered suicide, but he backs out of it knowing he still has a life to live. He was out hunting and met a IceWing named Tundra. She had the same feelings he did about the the war. After some talking she decided to live with him. She is the one thing in his life that makes him happy. She is also his mate, but they don't have any eggs yet.

He has a sword that a NightWing animus made him with a blade of molten lava with a hilt of hardened elementium. The blade is so hot, it can burn a FlameWing. The sword, when unsheathed, drains his strength extremely quickly. It also makes his scales extremely vulnerable to water. When his sword is ignited one drop of water on his scales would melt them and too much water could kill him.


Brimstone has all the normal FlameWing traits.

He has magma orange underscales, light red (not lighter then his underscales) primary scales, and yellow wing membranes.

He has a heavy muscular build but he is extremely agile and quick. He has the fastest reflexes that the FlameWings have known for hundreds of years, but he tires quickly.

His horns are white and the top of his right horn is broken.


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