Asp is Storm's OC, Don't take her! 

Background information
Creator Luster_the_rainwing (egg adopted from Tundra) Adopted again by Storm
Theme Song(s) None
Elemental Attribute Earth
Main Attribute Strange obsession
Theme Animal Borrowing Asp
Theme Color Grey-ish brown
Character information
Age 13 (human)
Gender female
Occupation None (would like to be an archeologist)
Goal To solve her impossible problem
Residence Rainforest
Relatives unknown
Allies Ivy, Luster, everyone
Enemies No one really, or has yet to meet one
Likes Thinking, solving riddles, talking, others, exploring
Dislikes Sitting idly, bright light
Powers and abilities normal RainWing things
Weapons Natural weapons


She has two main scale sets, and she shifts between them weekly. Her eyes are yellow and her legs are shorter than average, making her small, but her overall size is quite big, making her average by default. Dragons say that her scales are ugly because she doesn't do Sun Time.

Scale set oneEdit

Scale set one has indigo scales, with each individual scale lined with pale pinkish-purple. The indigo fades to a navy at the base of her tail and her tail ends with a faded black. She keeps her wings a white-ish color, as with her ruff. She keeps a pale pinkish-purple stripe running down her spine. The underscales are the same pink as the strip on her back.

Scales set twoEdit

Scale set two has dark, greyish brown scales and white underscales. Her tail fades to solid black, slight, faint black stripes running the entire length of her tail. She keeps her wings white as with her ruff.


Asp is a very tolerating dragon. She doesn't care what tribe you are from or how annoying you are, she will treat you with the same respect. She is often described with having "an old soul". She usually stays in her hut, thinking. When she goes outside, she is friendly towards everyone. She loves others, but once she has had enough, she retracts back to her hut.


Normal RainWing things, but she has a strange fixation on the ground and underground. She is very intelligent, and not great at turning invisible.


  • The walls of her hut are covered in written notes. They are in a strange language and they sprawl over everything, including the floor. Some dragons stay away from her because of this.
  • She likes to dig underground and hiding in the dirt. Some dragons think she is a MudWing hybrid, but she isn't, she's just weird.
  • She never met her parents.
  • She likes the dark, so she doesn't have windows in her hut.
  • She can never stand still, always fidgeting.
  • She has a fear of caterpillars.

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