Aiden is property of Stormlash. Do not use without my permission, or I will ban you. This is your final warning.

Background information
Creator Stormlash
Theme Song(s)
Elemental Attribute Fire
Main Attribute Insecurity
Theme Animal Fire Dragon
Theme Color Orange
Character information
Age 19
Gender Male
Species Fire Dragon
Goal None
Residence His
Relatives Unknown
Allies His friends
Enemies People who hurt his friends
Likes Roleplaying, his friends
Dislikes Life
Powers and abilities Talons
Weapons Talons, combat knife
Quote "What?"

Art by Rhynobullraq.


Aiden is usually cheerful and upbeat. He is very insecure, only trusting close friends, but on rare occasions he will socialize. He's of a talkative nature when he's enjoying himself. He enjoys making new friends, cuddling with his close friends, making jokes, exercise, and hanging out. His primary hobby is roleplaying with friends. He is protective of his friends, defending them with his life if needed. Sometimes he can be overprotective, annoying his friends. He is attracted to both genders, a little more so towards females. His emotions are usually seen externally. When annoyed or upset, Aiden's mood visibly darkens, and he can be abrupt and irritable. He can also be easily depressed. During a phase of depression most of the time he will vent to his close friends, cut, and very rarely try to kill himself. He's very secretive about this, only telling his close friend, Gaunt. He likes to avoid his problems, but not run away from them.


Aiden is an orange anthro fire dragon, with messy kept brown hair. He stands at 6'3. His chest scales are a peachy-orange, while his primary scales are a vibrant lava-orange He appears to most as a laid-back, cheerful dragon. A silver chain necklace is often found around his neck. He is usually seen cloaked in his unbuttoned trademark cut-off jacket, which allows him mobility with his wings, but he cannot fly.


  • He is based off me.
  • He keeps a combat knife in his jacket at all times.