The characters name is Alfred the dragon. He is a blue dragon that has a tint of brown to dark blue on both the front of his head and the back of his neck. His favourite Accessory is his glasses which he uses to make himself look even more cool than he already is. His best friend is Hutch the fox/wolf and his enemy is wolfred the lion.

Species a blue water and fire dragon

appearance Blue scales with black shades and a black shirt and black pants

Personality : Alfred's personality ranges from cocky and arrogant to friendly kind and generous

This character is property of Manglytyg pls ask me before you use him

Gallery :

Alfred the dragon

The current version of alfred

Afred's ego

Alfred second version

Alfred at the pub

A random photo of Alfred

Alfred the Lizard

This was the first version of Alred

Alfred the Amazing Lizard

The dragon