Background information
Creator Stormlash (Adopted from ILG)
Theme Song(s) Two Steps From Hell - Sons of War
Elemental Attribute Science
Main Attribute Sulfuric acid
Theme Animal
Theme Color Purple, black
Character information
Age 9
Gender Female
Occupation Keeping Soulhunter out of her mind
Goal Releasing Soulhunter from her mind, learning more
Residence NightWing island
Relatives None know.
Allies Her friends, fellow scientists
Enemies Dragons who think science is worthless.
Likes Science
Dislikes Soulhunter
Powers and abilities Mind reading, claws, fire, teeth
Weapons Claws, fire, teeth
Quote "There is no limit to what one can learn."
   Acidcreator is property of Stormlash. She was adopted from ILG. DO NOT USE HER WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR I WILL BAN YOU!

Her picture was drawn by Kittyluvver.


Acidcreator was assisting a male NightWing scientist named Soulhunter, when he died when one of his sulfuric acid vials mysteriously exploded, the sulfuric acid melted his neck and got into his bloodstream, killing him. Acidcreator was not hit by the acid spray, but right after Soulhunter died she felt like she knew a lot more than she really did. She dismissed it and went to get someone to clean up the mess. The next day when she woke up she felt like she was not in control of her body. When she was mixing a potion that she had never made before she heard something give her instructions. A few hours later she heard the same voice in her head. "Soulhunter never dies..." She continued having control issues with her body. She found that if she focused hard enough she could block Soulhunter out of her, but she couldn't get him out of her head. She now works as the assistant of Atomsplitter.


She is nine years old and has purple underscales, dark purple primary scales, gray wing membranes, blue eyes, white horns.

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