This is Josh the SandWing's oc/sona, ask before using. Aatami is a anthro male cougar.

Background information
Creator User:Josh the SandWing
Theme Song(s)
Elemental Attribute Ice
Main Attribute Planning
Theme Animal
Theme Color Light orange
Character information
Occupation A trader of rare goods
Species Cougar
Goal To live life a rebel
Residence No permanent residence
Relatives Unconfirmed
Allies Anyone who doesn't bore or plot against him
Enemies Those that have made unfair deals
Likes Climbing, money, and speed
Dislikes Boredom, arguments, being broke
Powers and abilities Speed, strength, agility, and intelligence
Weapons Teeth and claws
Quote "C'mon you wont find these goods anywhere else. Just make the deal."

Apearence Edit

Aatami is a small cougar, maybe 5' 6" weighing 150 pounds. He has a dark, almost red underbelly while the rest is a pale orange. He wears a large backpack at almost all times to hold all of his merchandise. He's usually smiling.

Personality Edit

Aatami is a INTJ personality type, he doesn't look it, but there is a lot of thought going on in his head. He's easygoing and kind, although he has a tendancy to snap on people. No-one touches his merchandise unless they buy it. He's not the most loyal of friends and will abandon a friend if he doesn't think he'll benifit from being their friend. He will not pick a fight unless he thinks he can win. Aatami can be very calculated and odd.

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